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Spaces create atmospheres, atmospheres create associations, associations create stories. 


Sound design and music composition for street theater allowed me to change the original context of an urban space, infusing a new atmosphere into it, and help it create stories which borrow the viewers perception, sending them to a different place for the duration of the performance.    

The Lost Wheels of Time - Music, sound design, live sound 

Created by Adam Read and Fyodor Makarov

An outdoor clown show for children and adults, inspired by Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland and Eugene Schwartz's Tale Of Lost Time.


The Lost Wheels of Time - Sound Design Reel

The Lost Wheels of Time - Sound Design Reel

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FETA - Outdoor and Street Theatre Festival - Gdansk, Poland (2014)


Berlin Lacht - International Street Theatre Festival - Berlin, Germany (2014)


Špancirfest street festival - Varaždin, Croatia (2014)


Street Art Festival Porec - Porec, Croatia (2014)


Haifa International Children’s Theatre Festival - Haifa, Israel (2013)


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The Garden Project - Sound design, live sound 

Created by: Adam Read, Spiridon Paterakis and Barbara Pradzynska

A clown, physical, visual and object performance. The show interacts with the public, working on and for the location, using the specific possibilities and qualities of each space.



Pflasterspektakel - International Street Performance Festival - Linz, Austria (2012)


Deventer Op Stelten - International Outdoor Theatre Festival - Deventer, The Netherlands (2012)


Scheune Schaubudensommer - International Summer Festival for Theatre, Amusement and Music - Dresden, Germany (2011)


Via Thea - International Street Theater Festival - Görlitz / Zgorzelec, Germany / Poland (2011)


Jelenia Gora International Street Theatre Festival - Jelenia Gora, Poland (2011)


Batzir Hadash - Yavne Contemporary Art Festival - Yavne, Israel (2011)


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