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If Nute were a person, he'd be an angry introvert, part of the force that will always think of evil, but will forever do good.

Although ever-evolving and becoming harder to define, this project mostly takes its influences from Breakbeat, Noise, IDM, Breakcore and dark, atmospheric, early UK Dubstep. It's sound is created using a heavy dose of synthesis, combined with Foley, and field recordings of streets, industrial machinery and abandoned buildings. The tracks are often formed as abstract images, cinematic flashes and colors which the music is scored to. 


Title: Bad Transmission

Label: LTD (NOISJLTD-49)

Release year: 2016

Artwork: Danil Gertman

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  • - Bandcamp
  • Deezer


Featured track: Nosebleed Skank

Release name: 3113 | Dark Compilation 

Label: Dark Like Hell ‎(DLH031)

Release year: 2015

Mastering: Vi Ta Lee 

Artwork:  Hard.D.Sign

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