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I am a Berlin-based sound designer and music producer/composer for various visual media, namely in content for games, film, theatre and sound installations.

Aesthetically I specialize in content creation for projects involving elements of Sci-Fi, Futurism and dark Surrealism.
I see sound is a means to bring additional, omnipresent thoughts, associations and emotions into an existing image, video or space - Sides of a story that the audience might experience on a subconscious level.
The atmospheres created by sound can add layers to an existing story, or create a new, parallel one altogether, residing in the same space that the viewer sees or visits.


I grew up learning how to paint and draw, and always drew while listening to music. So much so that I think my brain's auditory and visual areas are now intertwined somehow.  
Each image I see, be it still, moving or part of my surroundings at any moment, evokes groups of concrete and abstract sounds in my imagination, and each sound evokes its own images.

Some of those sounds appear arranged into a composition, some form soundscapes, which accompany whatever catches my eye. 

If you want to know more about what I do, how and why I do it, take a look or have a listen to an episode of the Musotalk podcast I was invited to by my long time friend fellow Berlin-based musician, Mika the Elephant.
We look into sound design  from the perspective of a musician, a producer, a designer and even a painter. It was a lot of fun and it's in English.  

Sounddesign nicht nur für Videospiele - PraxisTalk
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(if you're short on time, we really get into who I am and what I actually do at around 2:52 mins into the video)

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